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About Us

Passion, dedication, pleasure and satisfaction. These are the words that describe our Kennel. We are a family of four. Myself, my wife and two children. In my younger years we were proud owners of boxers. My wife  had boxers in her childhood years and my quick passion towards this breed led me to buy my first show dog.  He became my first champion and after  showing became my hobby and passion. During my boxer days I had made other champions and breed champion dogs too.  We enjoyed and dedicated much of our time to dogs. We also enjoyed going to different dog shows both locally and internationally.   Showing and breeding dogs seized in 1994 when my champions retired and I was occupied with my career and family.

It took one visit to a dog show in 2008 and my passion for dogs was rekindled.  Our first French Bulldog was bought purely as a pet.  A happy and affectionate dog the French Bulldog has lots of good quality.  Soon enough all the family were taken by this breed and we imported our first show French Bulldog bitch from Hungary in 2009.  We would like to thank Nyakabully Kennels for sending us such a Jewel in our life. We have also imported another show French Bulldog dog from Hungary in 2010  who is now a Multi International Champion.  We strive in producing  the best possible frenchies, where health and quality is of  utmost importance.  

We  love spending time with our dogs and showing them. Commitment is what it takes. This means setting aside time each day to work and train the dogs. Our aim is to have healthy happy dogs forming part of our family, breeding only to produce high quality puppies where quantity is not important. The more you learn about French Bulldogs the more you do not know enough so my mission is to keep on learning.